Designated Market Maker in India

Designated market makers play a crucial role in providing liquidity to capital markets, especially for illiquid or newly launched products. The market maker builds the market on the designated security and provides continuous bid and ask quotes throughout the day facilitating liquidity for market participants.

Estee works with exchanges and issuers to provide customized liquidity to variety of instruments across Equities, Commodities, Currencies, Interest rates, ETFs and Indices in cash, futures and options markets. We are designated market makers appointed by a number of exchanges world-wide. We can help create new markets and products by working with partners in devising specific liquidity provider programs and help implement them as well. We take on market making obligations across contracts as needed and lend essential support to exchange product teams and market participants enabling trading in designated instruments. At present, we are market makers on various global exchanges such as DGCX, SGX and CME.

Potential exchange partners or issuers, can contact us at


Filing Complaints on SCORES (SEBI) – Easy & Quick

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