Happily living with the guiding mantra – ‘make it amazing, make it stupendous’

At Estee, ‘people first’ is not just a description of our attitude towards our employees. It is a statement about the liveliness of our workplace. We take care of our employees, and undoubtedly, believe that it will show in the way, they take care of you – Special Care!

We know how to balance our work-mode and our personal lives. Here comes the part where we take time to celebrate our employees: sometimes being in the party mode is a good thought, after all. Our ability to step back occasionally to value our shared experiences makes us different. We are quite proud of that!

The Estee Dharma

  • Integrity :- Personal integrity defines your character and future. So, do as you say, say as you do. It’s not about owning your success, but also owning and learning from your mistakes.
  • Committed Goals :- Its easier to see how the business works from end-to-end, and how you can contribute to that. The goals of Estee are clear enough to let every employee make a substantial impact on their work. Don’t just stop to the task assigned, go beyond and bring-in something new.
  • Being Passionate :- Estee is a place of constant collaboration and deep curiosity, with the fundamental of taking the work with urgency and full attention. If something is worth, we believe in doing it with all our heart and energy.
  • Team-spirit :- Helping others and sharing their success and failures is the gesture that Estee follows.
  • Data-driven :- To capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunity, Estee is dedicating to create the best quantitative methods for investing. We combine sophisticated technology with a thorough understanding of the markets. Strategies and algorithms are something we revolve around.

Keeping our culture intact!

We also recognize our people on their work anniversaries, birthdays and milestones. The level of enthusiasm and support people bring-in to these celebrations is incredible.

Take a walk through the halls of our workplace at any time, and you’ll see that very thing which is often missing in the corporate world – Happy- go-smiling employees.

Our strength is the open culture that we possess. If any employee has some business ideas or something that can be improved they can just walk-up and speak to the senior management (including CEO).

Our teams go above and beyond to plan all the company activities: everyday things such as munches, choco cookies, fruits, sweets; funtoosh things, like foosball, table tennis, town hall annual party with a thoughtful gift as a topping, outings, volunteer events and much more. Expressing our company mission in our day-to-day work life helps us work and have fun together.

So, are we counting you in?

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