Arbitrage Hedge Fund Investment Strategy

  • I-Alpha: I-Alpha is Estee's flagship market-neutral scheme which does Arbitrage in India 1% per month net of fees and transaction costs since inception in May 2009 and the Hedge fund's India only offering has not had a single negative return month till date since its inception in May 2009.

  • I-Stat: Statistical arbitrage employs several co-integrated equations from a universe of stocks and trades based on statistical mispricing in equations. Whenever this statistical relationship breaks (prices diverge), a short position is entered into the overpriced stock futures and a long position is entered into the underpriced stock futures in equal proportions. Exit points are pre-determined while initiating the trade.

  • Estee India Fund: Estee India Fund uses a quant-based investment approach to identify market-neutral Arbitrage trading opportunities in India and other emerging markets. It is sponsored by our US affiliate Estee Capital LLC, based in New Jersey, US. Estee Capital is registered as a Commodity Pool Operator with the National Futures Association and is permitted to solicit funds from US-based Qualified Eligible Persons. Estee India Fund utilizes automated, algorithm-driven strategies to generate moderate to high returns at less than half the market volatility. Since 2009 these strategies already have a track-record in Indian markets, deployed by Estee Advisors Private Ltd, our execution and research affiliate in India.

    Estee Capital LLC is a Commodity Pool Operator (CPO) permitted to solicit funds from US-based Qualified Eligible Persons (QEPs) as defined under Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulation 4.7 (a) (2) and (a)(3) and other international accredited investors. Qualified Eligible Persons (QEPs) should refer to the Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for further information.

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